“Parole in Place” for Undocumented Spouses, Children and Parents of Members of the Military

On November 15, 2013, U.S. Citizenship and immigration Services’ (USCIS) released a memorandum which clarifies and draws attention to an existing policy permitting immigration officers to “parole in place” undocumented aliens who are immediate relatives of active-duty U.S. service members, reservists and veterans.

Those who qualify for parole will be permitted to remain in the U.S. temporarily, will be eligible to apply for a work permit, and, most significantly, many immediate relatives (spouses, parents, and minor children of U.S. citizens) may be eligible to apply to adjust status and obtain a green card. It is important to note that parole-in-place does not eliminate any periods of prior unlawful status nor does it erase other reasons why an alien may be inadmissible.

The memo is one of a number of recent initiatives by the Secretary of Homeland Security “to help military dependents secure permanent immigration status in the United States as soon as possible.” Thus, per the memo, officers are instructed that unless the applicant has a criminal conviction or other serious adverse factors, a grant of parole is generally appropriate.

To read the full text of the memo, click here.

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