USCIS Updates Voter Registration Guidance for Naturalization Ceremonies

USCIS has issued an update to its Policy Manual, effective immediately, to clarify the process of registering to vote at naturalization ceremonies. The update is in accordance with the Executive Order 14019, Promoting Access to Voting, which aims to enhance access to voting and eliminate potential barriers that could hinder new citizens from registering to vote at naturalization ceremonies.

“The updated guidance:

  • Affirms that USCIS provides access to voter registration services at each administrative naturalization ceremony, including information regarding points-of-contact for voting and voter registration;
  • Provides that USCIS offices request that election officials from state or local government election offices attend ceremonies to distribute, collect, and review voter registration applications, and to officially register new citizens to vote;
  • Affirms that USCIS offices coordinate with non-partisan, non-governmental organizations for voter registration services when state and local government election officials are not available; and
  • Provides that, to the extent feasible, USCIS offices invite governmental or non-governmental organizations offering on-site voter registration services the opportunity to introduce themselves and address the naturalization candidates before the ceremony.”

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