USCIS Revises Form N-648 for Naturalization Candidates Seeking Medical Disability Exceptions

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) recently released a revised version of Form N-648, Medical Certification for Disability Exceptions. This form is used by individuals with disabilities who are applying for naturalization and who seek exceptions from the English and civics requirements for naturalization due to their medical condition.

The naturalization process requires applicants to demonstrate proficiency in the English language and in U.S. civics (the history and government of the United States). Individuals who have certain disabilities or impairments may ask to be exempt from either or both of these requirements if they are unable to satisfy them due to a physical or developmental disability or mental impairment. The condition for which the exemption is sought must be medically certified by a qualified medical professional. The certification has most recently been made on Form N-648.

After receiving significant complaints about the prior N-648 from medical professionals and other interested parties, USCIS revised the form. The revisions to Form N-648 are intended to clarify the requirements and instructions and to standardize the process. Medical professionals provide information through this form to enable USCIS to understand an applicant's diagnosis and its relationship to the applicants ability to fulfill the requirements of the naturalization process.

The old version of N-648 will be accepted through March 21, 2011. Beginning March 22, 2011, USCIS will only accept the updated Form N-648 (dated 9/24/2010).

For a copy of the press release announcing the new form, click here. To view the interim memo for comment regarding the new Form N-648, click here.

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